Leather Water Bottle

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Per Merriam-Webster:

One entry found for bota.

                     Main Entry: bo┬Ěta
                     Pronunciation: 'bO-t&
                     Function: noun
                     Etymology: Spanish, from Late Latin buttis cask
                     Date: 1832
                     : a leather bottle (as for wine)

Popular during the 60s and 70s, I believe.

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Grant Barrett wrote:

> I've been digging around for a couple of days on this one:
> What's a word for a leather water bottle? The kind used in deserts, old movies set
> in medieval times: they're flat when empty, jiggling when full, and if you've got the
> skill you can tilt your head back and aim for your mouth. Stitching on the side.
> Maybe an old goat gut.
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