Turkish Pizza (Lahmacun) ; Toast

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Thu May 17 12:34:15 UTC 2001


   Turkish Pizza (Lahmacun) is in neither OED nor Merriam-Webster.
   There is a large Turkish presence in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  My group ate at a Turkish restaurant the last night, and one of us had Turkish Pizza.
   I'm stuck here in Frankfurt, Germany, because of a Lufthansa strike.  Turkish restaurants are everywhere!  I noticed the menus of about a dozen Turkish restaurants here, and all serve Turkish pizza (Lahmacun).
   There are 19,300 hits on Google.
   Start the search engines.


   The Birmingham Pub Restaurant in Frankfurt (English language menu) offers these:

Hawaiian toast with ham, cheese, pineapple
Capri toast with tuna fish and tomatoes
Manhattan toast with escalope (pork) and slices of egg
  All of our toasts are served with cheese gratin.

(I live in Manhattan, but Manhattan toast is new to me--ed.)

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