ADS-L Digest - 22 May 2001 to 23 May 2001 (#2001-144)

Thu May 24 12:24:58 UTC 2001

From: Ron Rabin <rabinrl at>
Subject: Doner Kebab
When I lived in Turkey I saw doner kebab prepared a bit differently
than described here.  The lamb was not cut in strips and wound around
the spit, rather the meat was cut in large chunks and put on the spit
interleaved with chunks of fat so that as the meat cooked vertically,
the fat would baste it.  The favorite version of doner kebab in Ankara,
called Bursa tipi (Bursa style) was to place the thin-cut pieces of
meat on top of pide (flat bread), melted butter was poured over the
meat, then a light tomato sauce.

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