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>    I'm back on the Clementine Paddleford NYHT column trail.  From the NEW
> YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 4 January 1937, pg. 20, col. 7:
>     To greet the New Year on the economical side of the budget are two new
> dinners in cans, 15 cents each, here from the Middle West.  One is a beef
> stew, the other a spaghetti with meat ball mixture.  Both tins contain one
> and one-half pounds, or a sufficient quantity to serve three guests, each a
> good-size helping.  Families of two find a whole meal in the contents of a
> can.

I note with puzzlement that Paddleford uses both "cans" and "tins".  I was
under the impression that "cans" is strictly US and "tins" is strictly

         - Jim Landau

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