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Subject: Re: "Carded"--not heard before 1968 in NYC

> A. Maberry:
> --start quote--
> So, the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) issued what we
> called, not surprizingly OLCC cards, which were plastic photo ID cards
> proving the bearer to be of legal age--sort of a license to drink.  Since
> your license was little or no proof, bartenders, grocery clerks etc., had
> see your "card" not your license. Hence, in Oregon at least, one was
> carded.
> --end quote--
> The Oregon law may be the origin of the verb 'card'. I do remember how
> so much more liberal OR was vis-a-vis CA, back in '71 or so. Really, I do.
> I do remember trying to convince my grandmother to get herself a photo ID
> la a drivers license. Her only ID was her social security card. And she
> born in Norway, and lacked anything that said she was a US citizan,
> notwithstanding her monthly SS check, and the bank that was happy to cash
> it.
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