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Fri May 25 10:56:04 UTC 2001


   Today's WALL STREET JOURNAL, 25 May 2001, pg. 1, col. 1, has the seemingly contradictory term:

_"Payday Loans" Are a Big Hit_
   _With Many Consumers,_
   _But Regulators Cry Foul_


   The WALL STREET JOURNAL, 25 May 2001, pg. C1, col. 2 (right under the story about "decimalization"), is:

_Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities Shine_
   Think stocks are too risky, but fear that bonds, with their historically lower returns, might have their performance whittled away still more by inflation?
   Here's a tip: Consider leavening your portfolio with TIPS, or Treasury inflation-protected securities.
   Little-noticed since the Treasury introduced the securities in 1997, these bonds--and the mutual funds that hold them--have a soothing appeal: They have the stability of Treasurys, are sure to beat rising inflation, and, recently at least, have performed admirably.


   A web check shows that the Boiardis from Cleveland had a "spaghetti" restaurant hit in 1924, and sold them nationwide a few years later.
   I don't know when the "meatballs" were added to the canned product, or if the OED will use this in a "meatball" entry.  That'sa spicy meata ball.

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