Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Fri May 25 13:20:02 UTC 2001

>I'm interested in knowing more about the adjective "four-balls." I assume
>"four-balls voice" means a deep, masculine voice, so I'm guessing that
>"four-balls" implies that it sounds as though the announcer is
>doubly-endowed in the testicular area. True?

I think so.

A few random thoughts ...

(1) When I was a child, I heard (to the tune of the "Col. Bogey March")
(apparently an Allied song from WWII):

Has only got one ball;
Has two but very small;
Is somewhat sim'lar;
But poor old Goebbels
Has got none at all.

There are several variants on the Web. [Here is another question: What are
the "singhai" and "skol" which apparently are drunk by Germans in some
versions of the song?]

(2) There is the case of the man who "was born to be a pawnbroker" -- used
in fiction by Larry Niven (inter alia) IIRC.

(3) A novel by Dean Koontz includes a pitiable villain who was born with
four balls but no, uh, bat, IIRC.

-- Doug Wilson

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