American Speech publication schedule?

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Fri May 25 19:03:53 UTC 2001

Dear Mr. Felton -

<< I've no issue yet, though I sent my check to Duke last February.  Has the
publication schedule slipped? >>

Here's the explanation, from Cindy Foltz at Duke U. Press:

<<76:1 - was scheduled to mail May 18 but not sure if it has
yet; if not, it should any day.

76:2 - June 11

76:3 - Sept. 17

76:4 - Dec. 17

PADS #85 - June 15 (will definitely mail in June according
to production)

Keep in mind that these are "expected" dates and may
publish a little earlier or later.>>

Thanks for your patience!

Allan Metcalf:  AAllan at
Executive Secretary
American Dialect Society

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