Shoo fly pie?; Reuben's sandwiches

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SHOO FLY PIE? (continued)

by Ed Mott
Grosset & Dunlap, NY
(Originally published in New York Sun, 1898 and 1899)

Pg. 65:
  "Yo' Simson!" she say, "waffo' yo' doan' eat yo' pie?  Ain' dat pie good?"
Pg. 66:
   "Nev' bean bettuh pie on top dis hyuh erf!" Simson he say.  "But duh's a fly on it, honey!"
   Den he wife she say: "Fly on it?  Dat doan' hu't de pie!  Shoo de fly away!  Shoo de fly away, an' eat yo' pie!"


by Harry Dewitt Copp
(title page was missing)

   There is an extensive food section.  Pg. 99:  "Begal--roll shaped like a doughnut."

Pg. 66:
REUBEN'S--6 East 58th St., near 5th Avenue
REUBEN'S SPECIAL--Turkey, Roast Virginia Ham, Swiss Cheese, Cole Slaw, Russian Dressing
REUBEN'S SUPERIOR--Turkey, Roast Virginia Ham, Hard Boiled Egg, Tomato, Onion, Russian Dressing, Rye Bread
REUBEN'S PARADISE--Turkey, Tongue, Tomato, India Relish, Rye Bread
HILDEGARDE--Tongue, Swiss Cheese, Tomato, Russian Dressing, Rye Bread
ARNOLD REUBEN 3rd--Turkey, Tomato, Bacon, Melted Cheese on Toasted White
CLUB A LA REUBEN--First Layer: Dark Meat of Turkey, Lettuce, Bacon and Toast; Second Layer: White Meat of Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato and Bacon
PHIL BAKER--Turkey, Hard Boiled Egg, Onions and Russian Dressing
ALAN CORELLI--Tongue, Turkey, Tomato and Sliced Dill Pickle
AL JOLSON TARTAR SANDWICH--Raw Meat, Raw Egg, Chopped Onion
HARRY HERSHFIELD--"Can You Top This?"  Tongue, Turkey, Tomato, Russian Dressing
JACK BENNY-MARY LIVINGSTON--Tongue, Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Cole Slaw, Russian Dressing, Rye Bread
WALTER WINCHELL--Sturgeon, Swiss Cheese and Sliced Dill Pickle
FRANK SINATRA--Cream Cheese Bar-le-Duc, Tongue, Sweet Pickle, Whole Wheat Bread
MARY MARTIN--Virginia Ham, Swiss CHeese, Sliced Dill Pickle, Rye Bread
GINGER ROGERS SPECIAL--Imported Beluga Caviar and Cream Cheese on Rye or White Toast
ORSON WELLS (sic)--Turkey, India Relish, Lettuce, Russian Dressing
JUDY GARLAND--Nova Scotia Salmon and Swiss CHeese
(Col. 2--ed.)
DANTON WALKER--Nova Scotia Salmon and Cream Cheese
VIC DAMONE--Turkey, Cole Slaw, Whole Wheat Toast (No Butter)
CAROL BRUCE--Tongue, Mustard, Melted Swiss CHeese on Toasted Rye
MILTON BERLE--Cream Cheese, Bar-le-Duc, Turkey, WholeWheat Bread
TYRONE POWER--Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Broiled French Toast, Maple Syrup
MOREY AMSTERDAM--Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese, Bologna
RUDY VALLEE--Turkey, Bacon, Onion, TOmato, Russian Dressing
GEORGIA GIBBS--Corned Beef, Melted Swiss Cheese on Toasted Rye Bread (Sounds like a classic "reuben"--ed.)
JOEY ADAMS--Tongue, Turkey and Mayonnaise
LOUIS SOBOL--Cream Cheese and Bar-le-Duc, Chopped Pecans
DEAN MARTIN-JERRY LEWIS--Turkey, Holland Ham, Rye Bread
ED SULLIVAN--Chopped Chicken Liver, Turkey, Cole Slaw, Rye Toast
VIC LEVINE MPLS. SPECIAL--Chopped Chicken Liver and COrned Beef on Rye Bread
DR. LEO MICHEL--VIrginia Ham, Tomato, Broiled French Toast
LUBA MALINA--Nova Scotia Salmon, Cream Cheese, French Fried Onions
THE 52 ASSOCIATION--Tongue, Holland Ham, Tomato, Cole Slaw
ETHEL MERMAN--Turkey, Tomato, Hard Boiled Egg, Russian Dressing
NICK KENNY--Turkey, Ham, Tongue, Cole Slaw
MIMI BENZELL--Turkey, Tongue, Cole Slaw
JANE POWELL--Grilled Cheese, Bacon, Tomatoes
SOPHIE TUCKER--Turkey, Swiss Cheese and Salami
BARBARA STANWYCK SPECIAL--Corned Beef, Melted Swiss Cheese and Bacon on Toasted Rye or White Bread

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