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Mon May 28 04:27:29 UTC 2001

   Oh sure, ask me this when the NYPL is closed Saturday and Sunday and Monday.

1873--THE "POLKA DOT" WALTZ by Edward A. Abell.  (American Memory database)("Respectfully dedicated to the I.O.P.D.'s"?--ed.)

1876--THE DOT POLKA by J. Harvey Webb.  (American Memory)

1881--POLKA-DOT GALOP by C. T. Schwenke.  (American Memory)(Nice polka dots on cover--ed.)

1881, September, SCRIBNER'S, pg. 782. (Making of America)

1881, December, HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, pg. 126.  (Making of America)

1882--POLKA: DOT ON THE "I" AND TERPSICHORE POLKA REDOWA by J. and Ed Strauss.  (American Memory)

1884--DOT AND DASH POLKA by J. H. Milliken.  (American Memory)

(It's very significant that the Making of America database contains the 1860s humor magazine VANITY FAIR and the early 1870s humor magazine PUNCHINELLO, but "polka dot" is in neither.  I can look at the AMERICAN CLOTHIER and other magazines, maybe on Tuesday--ed.)

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