"Polka spots" (1846)

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Wed May 30 05:06:50 UTC 2001

 From MoA (Michigan):

"Mrs. Sad's Private Boarding-House", by Maria Georgina Milward, in
"Southern Literary Messenger" 12(11):694 (Nov. 1846):

<<Edgar took the hint and wisely left all to the taste of the tailor,
except the vest and cravat. These were selected by Miss Melissa. Yes, Edgar
had advanced so far in familiarity with her, as to dare solicit this favor.
Of course, the selection was most judiciously delicate. Cravat, Polka
spot--vest, white ground, sprinkled with gnats. Edgar looked handsome in
his new suit.>>

This is remarkably early. The polka as a dance became well known in the US
ca. 1843 or 1844, I think.

-- Doug Wilson

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