Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Wed May 30 17:06:48 UTC 2001

POLKA--Thanks to Douglas Wilson for checking the "full polka."  The MOA search engine can be off.  I used to have problems with "I'm from Missouri" and "dude."
   The NYPL's Lincoln Center library has a large number of polka books, some from 1844 (and with illustrations!).  Check catnyp.nypl.org and make your requests.  Can it wait until Saturday?  I'm at work right now.

MINORITY--The 1937 book mentions "minority group," although probably not the specific "member of a minority group."  Check out the intro.

GAR--Of course, Grand Army of the Republic.  However, baseball slang often involves a takeoff on the usual meaning.  Grand Assembly of (Cincinnati) Reds?

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