Carded vs Proofed

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Wed May 30 06:56:17 UTC 2001

At 3:42 PM +0100 5/24/01, Lynne Murphy wrote:
>--On Thursday, May 24, 2001 10:08 am +0000 AAllan at AOL.COM wrote:
>>A New Yorker recently told me that there you are "proofed" when asked to
>>show proof of age at a store. In the Midwest, and elsewhere, I've only
>>heard "carded." What's the distribution of "proofed"?
>>- Allan Metcalf
>When I worked in a supermarket in high school, I had to wear a button that
>said "PROOF WE MUST".  I had it in my collection of buttons in my dorm room
>at UMass, and it bewildered and amused all the New England kids, who said
>'carded' (and only 'carded').  I'm not even sure that "proof" extends down
>into the NYC area.  (I worked for Wegmans, the western NY chain, which has
>since spilt into central NY and Pennsylvania.)
>I'm not sure how current 'proof' still is in NY.
I remember "proofed" (rather than "carded"), but can't recall if it
from Rochester (c. 1961) or, earlier, from NYC.  Evidence here
suggests it might have been the former.


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