Possessive form of Y'ALL

Alice Faber faber at HASKINS.YALE.EDU
Thu May 31 02:17:27 UTC 2001

I couldn't find a clip of this at espn.com. Do you happen to remember who
the interviewer was? (The advantage of this sort of public utterance is
that biographical, and, by inference, dialect background, information is
potentially available.

Laurence Horn said:
>And on a related topic, a ESPN hockey interviewer after last night's
>victory by the New Jersey Devils over the Colorado Avalanche in their
>Stanley Cup finals game complimented Martin Brodeur, the winning
>goalie, about the impressive nature of "you guys's [gaiz at z] defensive
>effort".  The French Canadian interviewee, probably used to the full
>range of variation in the New York metropolitan area, seemed unfazed
>by the construction.
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