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Thu May 31 22:42:59 UTC 2001

Y'all funny guys. Herring and daring don't rhyme? Didn't ya'll ever
hear of the neutralization of English vowels before approximants? I
wish mah bro Walt would sign on and tell ya'll that even
merry-Mary-marry-Murry are all the same (I only go the first three).

dInIs (Oh-oh-oh yes, I'm the great neutralizer, just laughing at ... )

>Quoth Larry:
>>       And Goebbals
>>         => And Hermann Goebbels
>Hmmm.  Never heard it with the first name included.
>Those two syllables carry the notes of the tune there.
>                (Also note
>that in my speech, and I presume Mark's, "herring" and "daring" do
>not rhyme--I assume what we saying is that "Goering" could rhyme with
>either, not both.)
>That's what I saying, anyway. I tried to decide which it was in my memory,
>and decided that it had been too long to tell.
>-- Mark

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