seeking AAVE/SAE matched guise speech samples

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Wed Sep 5 23:52:37 UTC 2001

They are not only hard to come by; they are suspect, and, not to seem
curmudgeonly, one would expect that researchers would prepare their
own stimulus data for such work.


>On behalf of a MA student who will be conducting a dialect & attitude
>study, I am seeking to "borrow" some audio samples of matched guise
>AAVE/SAE speech.  That is, one speech sample should be identifiable as
>some version of African American Vernacular English, and one
>sample--produced by that same speaker-- should be identifiable as some
>version of Standard American English.  Ideally, the speaker would be an
>adolescent male, and the topics of the two matched speech samples would
>be identical (or at least closely related).   Thirty years ago, of
>course, a good deal of social psychological research utilized such
>matched guise speech samples.  But they are apparently hard to come by
>Thanks for any assistance.
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