seeking AAVE/SAE matched guise speech samples

David Bergdahl bergdahl at OHIO.EDU
Thu Sep 6 17:19:42 UTC 2001

... and anecdotal evidence from the older generation of linguists, e.g.
Raven I. McDavid, attested to the fact that white southerners were often
"heard" in the the north as "black" on the telephone.

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>> The question, which is part of a court
>>  case, involves the issue of whether there is something such as "sounding
>>  black" on the phone.
> I must be missing something here.  I thought it was common knowledge that
> there exists a dialect (multiple dialects?) of AAVE that differs
> phonetically from General American, Eastern, and Southern as well as in
> grammar and vocabulary.  Such dialect(s) is as easily recognizable over a
> telephone as it is in person.
>              Jim Landau

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