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Michal Lisecki magura at GIGA.PL
Thu Sep 6 22:08:33 UTC 2001

Well, it seems the right time for me to make some things stright :-)
First of all, Dennis is right to note that the 'l' in 'pedal' is actually a
barred-l and a "dark" one when it comes to pronunciation. However, 'glupy'
should actually go 'glupi'.
Should you like to check some Polish online you might like to visit any of


Small English-Polish Dictionary

English-Polish Glossary of Legal, Economics and Business Terms

Eglish-Polishg Dictionary of Information Technology

Dictionary of Polish Spelling

Dictionary of Polish Synonyms

English-Polish Dictionary

Alas, I am not able to check them from where I'm sending this post thus I'd
like you to excuse me if some of the links are dead. Of you would like to
learn more about Polish diacritic marks just let me know...:-)

Coming back to 'kasownik' (eng. ticket puncher) which has been mentioned in
some previous posts. It has nothing  to do with 'kaszownik' of which I have
never heard. Trying to trace back its etymology, however, one could discern
its similarity to 'kasza' (eng. groats) and this was widely used back in
the ages as a defensive weapon, poured over those attacking and trying to
climb up the ramparts. So in this sense a 'kaszownik' would be either a
device helping with pouring the groats or indeed a type of machicolation in
the wall (like Barry noticed) used to smite the enemies.

And just to conclude. I really liked your struggle with the word
"zapiekanka" :-)) Didn't want to interfere...

And for the time being, I am waiting for next Barry's posts. They're all so
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