"being have"

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George Thompson <george.thompson at NYU.EDU> sez:

Lynne Murphy objects that in the passage
    "She came in on the Charleston wave, / What I told you, she just
won't have"
"there's no 'be' there--so I don't think this is a case of 'to be have'
at all.  "

But "will" (won't) is the future tense of "be".  So that in this
instance the idea of "being have" is so assimilated that the verb has
been adapted.

Come again?
     *I will there at 4:30.
     *You'll delighted with it.
     *She'll coming round the mountain when she comes.
     *We'll together again.
     *We shall/will not moved.

When, where, and for whom is "will"/"won't" the future tense of "be"?

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