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>OK GESTURE--I was told this is used here.
Depending on the way you actually show it :-) But frankly...no prejudices.

>KOZAKIEWICZ GESTURE--An upturned fist, almost as if giving the finger.
The other hand is placed on this muscle.  Kozakiewicz was a Polish high
jumper in the 1980 Moscow Olympics.  The Russian high jumper was favored by
the crowd; Kozakiewicz won and gave this gesture back to the crowd.  OED?

And that's a one to remember, however nowadays rarely used. I am glad you
mentioned it. At that time it was a very famous thing. The fact that some
gesture could win its own name by only showing it once only justifies that
but in order to fully understand its meaning one would have bear in mind
the tension between Poland and Russia at that time.

You seem to have an interesting insight into what's interesting in
Poland/Polish. What books/guides are you taking it from specifically?

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