Jesse Sheidlower's "On Language" in NYT

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Sat Sep 8 08:08:59 UTC 2001

   Jesse Sheidlower writes the New York Times "On Language" column this Sunday.

K. GESTURE--The left (or other) hand is placed on the muscle of the right arm.

"No Bols, no glory"--The theme of a "Bols Polska" conference/meeting at my hotel in Bialystok.

POLISH DRINKS--I get my stuff from the tour guide, from tour books, from the web, from menus with English translations, and from tourist info in English.
   My tour guide explained about "technical alcohol" and "blackberry pie," but I haven't found a good web site that explains any Polish meaning for these.

   Another "Big Apple" definition, posted on 11 June 2001:

   I think it comes from Mae West, she was like the hottest movie star in theater and movies in the 1930s movies...she would say, "How about them apples?" in a real slow, sexy way.  The story was, she was a really big star on Broadway and the name "stuck."  I also read where they put up a sign near a theater where she had a big hit show on Broadway near Times Square and called it "Big Apple Corner" in her honor...I guess you could look it up?

(And I'm returning to this city?--ed.)

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