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> > OK GESTURE--I was told this is used here.
> >
> >  KOZAKIEWICZ GESTURE--An upturned fist, almost as
> if giving the finger.
> The
> > other hand is placed on this muscle.  Kozakiewicz
> was a Polish high jumper
> in
> > the 1980 Moscow Olympics.  The Russian high jumper
> was favored by the
> crowd;
> > Kozakiewicz won and gave this gesture back to the
> crowd.  OED?
> I have no idea of the origin of this gesture, but it
> has been in use in the
> USA for many years, with the meaning "up your ass!".
> A photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald, taken shortly
> after his arrest, shows him
> making this gesture.
>                                  - Jim Landau

>From the description, sounds like the same thing as
the "bra d'honneur".

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