Kozakiewics gesture

Jan Ivarsson TransEdit transedit.h at TELIA.COM
Mon Sep 10 17:30:00 UTC 2001

Jim Landau wrote:

>>From the description, sounds like the same thing as
the "bra d'honneur".

Yes, very much so:
"Bras d'honneur: Geste injurieux (simulacre d'erection)" says Nouveau Petit Robert, Dictionnaire de la langue francaise.
It is described by Geneviève Calbris and Jacques Montredon in Des gestes et des mots pour le dire, DIC Mini-dictionnaires, Clé International, 1986:
"...made by placing one hand at the crook of the opposite arm and lifting - or extending - the latter, fist balled, to figure the male member in erection."
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