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   From an article about the Li'l Abner cartoon (Sadie Hawkins Day) in PIC, November 1948, pg. 110, col. 3:

_Food and drinks_
   At most dances, a dinner better known as a "nosebag supper" is served before or during the horseplay.  Po'k chops, co'n pone, presarved turnips, Genu-wine Barbecued Salomey, catfish head stew, possum tail soup, chitlin's, sliced bananas with ketchup and mayonnaise (all Li'l Abner's favorites) may be served.  The chances are there'll be plenty of bellyaches if you stick too faithfully to the Yokums' diet.  To keep everybody healthy, we suggest you make the following substitutions:
   For Salomey Special or Hammus Alabammus--ham.
   For presarved turnips--frosted cupcakes with gumdrop leaves.
   For Skunk Hollow Sandwish--club sandwich.
   For Yokum Special--pork chops.
   For Slobbovian Delight--barbecued meat or hamburgers with barbecue sauce.
(Co. 4--ed.)
   For teetotalers, buttermilk does nicely, but the traditional Sadie Hawkins Day drink is Kickapoo Joy Juice.  Li'l Abner suggests the usal "ingreejunts"--"a barr'l o' kerosene, two dozen chicken haids, a bucket o' somethin' sloppy we swiped off a passin' truck, a motorman's glove, three pairs o' old socks, a dash o' axlegrease, turpentine," etc.
   Concoct any brew you want, make it as zany as possible, asking each couple to contribute something (an old-look shirt, a rubber tire, a pair of false teeth, etc.).  A prize should be awarded to the couple that best tells in a couplet why they consider their contribution vital to the making of Kickapoo Joy Juice.  For the actual drink, however, stick to a good old-fashioned punch recipe--you'll stay healthier that-a-way.

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