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Hold one for me - check will be in the mail tomorrow.


Tom Dalzell

Gerald Cohen wrote:

> For those who may be interested---
>     I have privately published a limited edition of the following book:
>     _Dictionary of 1913 Baseball And Other Lingo_, volume 1: A-F.
> Primarily from the baseball columns of the San Francisco Bulletin,
> Feb. - May 1913. 208 pp.; soft cover. cost. $20 + $5.00 (five) for
> shipping and handling.
>     For this first printing I have run off 110 copies--10 for my
> personal use and 100 for sale. I suppose the material will be of
> interest to lexicographers and word researchers. I have intentionally
> kept the number of copies low, and do not expect the demand to
> warrant a second printing. In any case, I would like to complete
> volumes 2 and 3 (2002, 2003) before considering a second printing.
>     The book lists the terms I find of interest in the 1913 S.F.
> Bulletin baseball articles and then presents the examples in context.
>     This work started as a careful search for the earliest
> attestations of "jazz" (used in a baseball context before a music
> one) and then broadened out as a whole variety of interesting
> baseball terms and expressions came to my attention.
>      Upon request, I could present 1 1/2 pages from the preface that
> explain the project in more detail. For now I would say that I have
> aimed to produce a scholarly treatment (with the examples of
> attestations and their exact references).
>     Checks should be made payable to the University of Missouri-Rolla
> and mailed to me: Gerald Cohen, G-4 Humanities Social Sciences
> Building, University of Missouri-Rolla,  Rolla MO 65401. The project
> is non-profit; all funds remaining after publication costs are met
> will be donated to a scholarship fund at the University of
> Missouri-Rolla.
> ---Gerald Cohen
> Professor of Foreign Languages
> research specialty: etymology

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