Kozakiewics gesture

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Thu Sep 13 16:04:07 UTC 2001

--- Jan Ivarsson TransEdit <transedit.h at TELIA.COM>
> Jim Landau wrote:
> >From the description, sounds like the same thing as
> the "bra d'honneur".
> Yes, very much so:
> "Bras d'honneur: Geste injurieux (simulacre
> d'erection)" says Nouveau Petit Robert, Dictionnaire
> de la langue francaise.
> It is described by Geneviève Calbris and Jacques
> Montredon in Des gestes et des mots pour le dire,
> DIC Mini-dictionnaires, Clé International, 1986:
> "...made by placing one hand at the crook of the
> opposite arm and lifting - or extending - the
> latter, fist balled, to figure the male member in
> erection."
> Jan Ivarsson
> jan.ivarsson at transedit.st

Sorry for the misspelling.  I personnaly know the gest
goes back at least to the mid-60's, although I didn't
associate the name "bras d'honneur" with it until the
late 70's.

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