Pink Slip Party (1939)

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     Life's a mess.
     I guess I'll have to go into work in the Bronx.  No phone call.  No message on the calendar unit phone.  Nothing on the web site.  Of course, knowing this city, it'll probably be closed and I won't get paid for showing up.
     My Keytronic keyboard is all messed up today and doesn't register certain keys.


   From FLASH!, 15 February 1939, pg. 25, col. 1:

WPA OPTIMISM--That's what we called it when we heard about the "PINK SLIPS" party the lads threw up in Harlem who had received their (Form 403) PINK SLIPS, which meant the end of their project jobs.


   From FLASH!, 3 January 1938, pg. 18, col. 2:

   SWING SESSIONS, an outgrowth of the currently popular music played by the "jam units" have outmoded to an extent the former type of close "bunny-hug" dancing that was the bane of frat house hops, as in upper left photo.  The second panel illurates a modified version of the "bunny-hug," bordering more on the line of the "love-lock."


FLASH!, 19 April 1938, pg. 13, col. 2:  OCTOBER 1937  "Pansys" invade most frequented nite spots.  Today pansy parade moves Westward, finds fertile field in Pgh. nite clubs.
(Also in column in "At present Jack Greenless is in seclusion in one of Philly's better hospital wards as an interne"--ed.)

FLASH!, 3 May 1938, pg. 28, col. 2:  DECEMBER 1937  All Philly is at present agog over the Penn Relay Carnival on the 29th and 30th with the Gays, Alphas, and the Do-Ki-Chi's entertaining the visiting socialites.


   From FLASH!, 21 June 1938, pg. 19, col. 2:

SWING ADDICTS FROM THE CRADLE TO THE HOME FOR THE INFIRM had their fill of "killer dillers," "solid senders," "slap," "rush," and "lush" ditties when New York's radio station WNEW and Martin Block staged their first open-air swing carnival.


   From FLASH!, 15 November 1938, pg. 23, col. 2:

   The ROLLING JITTERBUGS attempted all sorts of antics while on skates, including the popular "shag," "lindy hop," and the current sensation, the "boogie woogie."


   From FLASH!, letters, 1 November 1938, pg. 4, col. 1:

   Please if possible raise the standard of your magazine by eliminating such words as "pig meat" and other "buggy" material.


FLASH!, 24 January 1938, pg. 19, col. 2:  "I'LL SHOW YOU WHO WEAR THE PANTS AROUND HERE!!"  (Wife to husband--ed.)

FLASH!, 3 May 1938, pg. 35:  "BOY!  WHAT'A FANNY"  (Two children looking at a woman's rear--ed.)


   Photo caption from FLASH!, 17 January 1938, pg. 12, col. 1:

   JACK PARKER OF PITTSBURGH holds some sort of gustatorial record.  He ate forty-four hot dogs and drank seven glasses of beer at a Pgh. polticial meeting some few weeks past, and the following day he ate fifteen more hot dogs and drank five bottles of Pepsi-Cola for a chaser.

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