Flying Tigers magazine (1960s)

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(ADDENDUM TO LAST POST:  OED has "Sidecar" in 1928.)

    The NYPL gave me just reel two of ANNUAL PICTORIAL BULLETIN, 14TH AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION, FLYING TIGERS.  It's an annual.

Pg. 9:  A "B.S. Artist" at work.

Pg. 2:  ...singing:
"We never falter, we never fail,
We sober up on wood alcohol..."

Pg. 6:  In the upper left, Col. Robert L. "God is My Co-Pilot" Scott, Jr., of the 23rd Fighter Group, one of our earliest and greatest aces, helps S/Sgt. R. Fuller and Sgt. J. Teague load his guns in preparation for Scott's final Jap hunt before leaving for the United States in January, 1943.

Pg. 7:  But they also served who acted as "honey-dippers" (left center)--one of the less glamorous occupations in the Far East--and female grain carrier (lower left).

Pg. 13:  Milk and Cookie Bar.

Pg. 20:  ...soup-and-fish-clad oilman Gene Ledeker (22 BS)(his motto: It taked but little toil--to get a goil--if you strike oil!)...

Pg. 9:  ...such platitudes as "You Can't Win 'Em All", "There's One in Every Crowd" and "Even Babe Ruth Struck Out Over 1000 Times."

Pg. 20:  ...a card over the bar that reads, "If This Sign is Blurred You Either Need Stronger Glasses or Weaker Drinks"...

Pg. 7:  Not to be outdone by these refinements of an ancient civilization, a Pentagon-based masochist offered his own version of the "Chinese Torture treatment, lower left.  Captioned "Men of Gen. Chennault's 14th USAF eagerly await chance to buy beer at first ration in China"...

Pg. 10:  Next we see, complete with moat, the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, where the first few exotic days and nights were spent (in Tokyo, that is, not the Palace) and, lastly, the grounds around the Chinsanzo Restaurant, where our first Japanese meal together--a Mongolian Barbecue--was voraciously consumed with surprisingly favorable results.

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