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Ah! Life is also full of wonders. "Once a year I review the file [of
my e-mails]... ."


>    Ah!  Life is full of surprises.
>    If anyone wants a specific culinary research request before I
>visit the Culinary Archives & Museum, let me know.
>--Barry "Not in Iran" Popik
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>  Dear Barry,
>The museum is in the process of relocating to a new location. And I never
>check my personal email, unfortunatley it appears the student who was
>responsibile for checking my email missed yours. Once a year I review the
>file and just now came accross your messages. Please let me know how I can
>be of help to you.
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>Subject: Fwd: Culinary Archives & Museum (Possible Research here)
>    My name is Barry Popik.  I'm a member of the American Dialect
>Society, a member of the American Name Society, and a contributor to the
>Oxford English Dictionary, Dictionary of American Regional English,
>Merriam-Webster, and other dictionaries.
>    I was profiled in the WALL STREET JOURNAL, 2 January 2001, pg. A20,
>for my work on "hot dog" and other etymologies.  As the article states,
>many of my food etymologies (Danish pastry, Thousand Island dressing,
>Chicken a la King, Caesar salad, Beef Wellington, Beef Stroganoff,
>blintz, bagel, knish, gyro, smoothie, iced tea, pina colada, martini...)
>can be found at www.americandialect.org, in the ADS-L archives.
>    Most of my work is out of the New York Public Library and the Library
>of Congress, but I've also been around the country and to over 50
>foreign countries.
>    I have always intended to visit Johnson & Wales.
>    Is you catalog online?  I'm interested in everything, but I'll
>probably want to concentrate on the food & drink menus in your
>    Mondays or Thursdays this month or in early March are best.
>Barry Popik
>225 East 57th Street, Apt. 7P
>New York, NY 10022
>(212) 308-2635
>Bapopik at aol.com
>  <<Culinary Archives & Museum (Possible Research here)>>

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