L oki okl-word at JUNO.COM
Mon Sep 17 22:24:58 UTC 2001

To everyone on this list _except B.A.Popik:

As an amateur without academic credentials, I've been very hesitant to
comment on a person who is apparently a noted authority, but frankly I
have been annoyed with Mr. Popik's voluminous and seemingly immaterial
comments on such things as foreign terms not included in OED, imagined
personal slights from people with better things to do, and long-winded
excerpts from ephemera whose ephemeral status is well-deserved.

There have been some gems in his material, but not enough to warrant the
dreck he has produced, and his flippancy towards the recent disaster was
the final straw. While people were hurting was not the time to complain,
but now that recovery has begun, I shall make this statement. I have
been, and shall continue to be, deleting any further e-mail with his name
as sender without bothering to read it.

I am reporting this not to urge anyone else to join me in this embargo
(after all, I'm just a dabbler, while he is presumably a professional),
but merely to request that any of your replies to him be phrased with the
understanding that not everyone with an interest in _your comments will
have bothered to read his original messages.

~Owen Lorion

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