On the subjec of B Popik

Tue Sep 18 17:52:28 UTC 2001

I have long-ago expressed my admiration for Barry's work.  He was then
and remains, to the everlasting gratitude of word-watchers, interested
in the development of the lexicon.  America In So Many Words (Metcalf
and Barnhart) benefitted immensely from his diggings.  The Barnhart
Dictionary Companion has benefited, as well.  I am currently working on
a book of food words.  Needless, to say he has been right on topic for
this.  To the extent that some subscribers to this list find his asides
(and they are asides!) unnecessary, to that extent, I would submit,
those people are, in my opinion, less necessary than is Mr. Popik to
the liveliness of this list.

Opinionatedly submitted,

David Barnhart

P.S.  Flame me if you will, but do it to me at <barnhart at highlands.com>
not to the list, thank you.  If you would be so kind in such messages
as to put flame in the subject I will be able to identify quickly and
dispense with just as quickly your remarks.

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