Big Easy (1948); Anyone who sees a psychiatrist...

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Tue Sep 18 23:56:20 UTC 2001

> >     BERLIN.  (...)  Thirty-five minutes earlier Big Easy 103 had come in
> > Tempelhof.
> >
> >  (It's the name of an airplane.  This is easy to trace in military
> records--
> > ed.)

Even easier than that, maybe, to get some idea ... since we have the
Internet and Google.

With respect to the Berlin Airlift:

<<C-47's going East to Berlin were called "Easy", returning C-47's
traveling West, were called "Willie". C-54's had the names 'Big Easy' and
"Big Willie".>>

<<Loaded planes flying into Berlin were designated "Big Easy" -- the B
indicating Rhein-Main-based aircraft. Those based at Weisbaden were
designated "Able Easy." In contrast to the four engined R5D's and C54's the
twin-engined C-47's carried the name of "Little Easy.">>

-- Doug Wilson

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