MSG (1949); Telegraph "Bug"

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MSG (continued)

   I had previously posted May 1949 (ADS-L archives).
   From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 22 March 1949, pg. 18, col. 7:

   "Enhance" is the new item in the line.  This is our old friend M. S. G. (mono-sodium glutamate) deck out in new dress blended with the popular pot herbs of the French, a bit of dextrose added to tone down the glutamate.

(Caution!  Beware of giving MSG to young children!  Consult your doctor!...I'll post some recipes perhaps later tonight, when the library is closed--ed.)


   FWIW, from the NYHT, 1 March 1949, pg. 23, col. 5:

_Dempsey's Savior_
_In Fight With Firpo_
_Turns in His "Bug"_
   Gray-haired Perry Grogan packed away his "bug" for the last time last night and announced his retirement as a telegraph operator. (...)
   For twenty-four years Grogan worked his "bug" at every World Series game, major fight, football game and other sports event in the East.
   For the last fifteen years he had been in charge of Western Union facilities at Grand Central Terminal, the busiest telegraph counter in the world.

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