More Frenchified?

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Fri Sep 21 02:03:09 UTC 2001

At 9:57 AM -0400 9/21/01, Dennis R. Preston wrote:
>Give an ear to classical music stations and you will hear
>Frenchification in languages other than French, in this case
>final-stress placement. Since it is my father-tongue, I suppose I am
>oversensitive to this in Hungarian (which always places stress on the
>first syllable) when such oddities as barTOK and koDALY (the latter
>even with, amazingly, more or less correct realization of the final
>-daly syllable) surface.
And presumably not entirely explainable by the announcer having spent
his/her formative years listening to classical music broadcasts in
France or Quebec.  Well, French is the language of culture, after
all.  Then of course there's the hyperforeignist [zh] for [j] (Taj
Mahal, the Raj, Beijing) we've discussed on the list, again (we
assume) influenced by the same redundancy rule,
[+ exotic]==>[+ French].


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