Barry, help!

Fri Sep 21 15:26:23 UTC 2001

On the variations for _mountain oyster_, I found in the DA _prairie
oyster_ (only as a variant of _prairie cocktail_, which is not a
testicle).  _Kentucky oyster_ in DA is equated with chittlings, not
testicles.  OEDs attests the equivalence of _mountain oyster_ and
_prairie oyster_ in a second def.  MOA shows not examples of either
_prairie oyster_ or _Kentucky oyster_.


preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU,Net writes:
>I assume this list also queried the dating of the variants "prairie
>oyster" and "Kentucky oyster"?


>>On another list the subject of the earliest example of oyster, mountain
>>oyster, and rocky mountain oyster was posted.  OED was reported with
>>1890 (acutally Cent. Dict. is the source in the late 20th century OED
>>supplement by Robert W. Burchfield).  I've poked about a little and
>>found the following for mountain oyster:
>>And, if they choosed, to partake of the dainty of cruelty caught and
>>primitively cooked "mountain oysters"--always found in great abundance
>>where many calves are herded.  Baxley, H. Willis, _What I saw on the
>>west coast of South and North America, and at the Hawaiian Islands_.
>>New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1865, p 442

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