Shop Talk of the Texas Bond Man (1960)

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A Glossary of Words and Phrases
from the Professional Vocabulary of
Those Who Deal in Municipal Bonds


   Jesse Sheidlower was interested in the "muni," so Gerald Cohen kindly inter-library loaned and copied this 15-page book.
   It doesn't have "muni," it doesn't have much slang, and it's not of much interest.  Perhaps "Take-Or-Pay" or "Turkey" can be used.
   The terms are:

Pg. 1:  Account Letter; Account Manager; Advertised Sale; Assessed Valuation; Assumed Bonds; Attorney General.

Pg. 2:  Authority; Average Life; Balloon Maturity; Bank Maturities; Basis Book; Basis Point; Basis Price; Bid Form; Blue List.

Pg. 3:  Bond Buyer's Index; Bond Order (Ordinance)(Resolution); Bond Year; Callable; Circular; City; Closed Lien; Combination Bonds.

Pg. 4:  Comptroller of Public Accounts; Concession; Confirmation; Coupon Bonds;  Cover; Coverage; Current Tax Collections.

Pg. 5:  Customer Count; Debt Limitation; Debt Service Requirements; Default; Discount; Eastern Account; Effective Interest Rate.

Pg. 6:  Facsimile Signature; Financial Advisor; Financing Agreement; Firm; Fiscal Year; Flat.

Pg. 7:  Floating Debt; Floating Supply; Flow of Funds; General Obligations; General Purpose; Graduated Coupon; Historical Account; Interest Cost.

Pg. 8:  Interest Stop; Intermediate Maturities; Invoice; Joint Account; Legal Opinion; Limited Tax Bonds; Long Maturities; Mandatory Call; Negotiated Deal.

Pg. 9:  Net Debt; Non-Voted Bonds; Odd Lot; Offering Sale; Open End; Optional; Overlapping Debt; Over Sales; Parity Bonds.

Pg. 10:  Paying Agent; Payment Record; Personal Property; Point; Pre-Election Contract; Premium; Price.

Pg. 11:  Private Deal; Prospectus; Rating; Re-Allowance; Real Property; Refunding; Registrable Bonds; Reserve Fund; Revenue Bonds.

Pg. 12:  Secondary Market; Self Supporting Debt; Serial Bonds; Spread; State Aid; Step-Up; Supplemental Coupons.

Pg. 13:  Syndicate; Take-Down; Take-Or-Pay ("A term used to describe a type of contract under which the party who stands ready to deliver a commodity or to render a service is guaranteed a minimum payment whether or not the party who is to use the commodity or service actually availas himself of the right for which he is bound to pay."); Tax Levy; Tax Limitations; Tax Rate.

Pg. 14:  Tax Year; Term Bonds; Texas Municipal Report; Time Warrants; Turkey ("An underwriting deal on which you lose your shirt."); Unlimited Tax Bonds.

Pg. 15:  Visible Supply; Voted Bonds; Water District; Western Account; When Issued; Yield.

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