"on the may"--typo for "on the way"

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Typo was just what I was thinking...or rather, thinko or hearo.  Could this
piece have been dictated over the phone to someone who heard "on the menu"
(perhaps pronounced /'menju/) as "...may"?  OK, it's a wild guess, but it's
one more possibility in that context.  "Way" is pretty appealing, too.


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> Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 8:09 PM
> Subject: "on the may"--typo for "on the way"
>    My thanx to Frank Abate and Douglas Wilson for their attempts to
> unravel "on the may." Since this item doesn't ring a bell with the
> ads-l list, and since there is no repeat of the item in all the other
> 1913 baseball articles I've read, I think I see the solution: "may"
> here is a typo for "way." The baseball popularity contest will be the
> hottest thing  coming down the pike ("on the way") in a few weeks.
> >Would anyone have any idea what "on the may" means in the quote below
> >(newspaper _San Francisco Bulletin_ April 22, 1913, p.16/2-3; title:
> >"Tub and Del Are Leading"):
> >
> >    'The baseball popularity contest is growing hotter.  It is going
> >to get hotter and hotter.  It will be the hottest thing on the may in
> >a few more weeks.  It can't get too hot for The Bulletin.  The more
> >votes that are polled for the various players of the Pacific Coast
> >League the hotter it will be.  Let the "heat" flow. ...'
> ---Gerald Cohen

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