Deke (1935)

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   OED has 1960 and 1961.  I was looking for "Ivy League," but don't tell anybody that.
   From the NEW YORK SUN, 3 January 1935, Frank Graham's sports column (this one about pro hockey), pg. 31, col. 1:

   _It Seems He Caught Normie "Deking."_
   "Aw," said the little fellow, "I caught you deking, else I wouldn't have been able to hit you like that.
   "How do you spell deking?  Gee, I don't know.  I never saw it in print.  I guess it's d-e-k-i-n-g.  Don't you know what it means?  Well, when a fellow is coming at you with the rubber and he tries to get you to make your move first by shifting his feet or swaying his body, or going like this with his stick, you say he is deking.  When a fellow is deking it's a cinch to knock him down because the chances are he has one foot off the ice and is off balance."

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