How do you say "barn"?

Baker, John JBaker at STRADLEY.COM
Tue Sep 25 14:05:01 UTC 2001

        I read the characterization of "his theory" to be the reporter's,
not necessarily Connolly's.

John Baker

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> We've got to assume Connolly has not seen American Tongues? Or he
> would have known that his "theory" was propounded a long time ago.
> dInIs
> >A discussion of Boston accents from the Boston Globe:
> >
> >
> >
> >Connolly tested his theory last weekend while roaming Fenway Park, which
> he
> >called possibly the best dialect laboratory in the city. In the stands
> >before a game, Connolly found examples of what he described as four major
> >strains of Boston speech.
> >

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