wicked little critta

Lynne Murphy lynnem at COGS.SUSX.AC.UK
Tue Sep 25 17:41:18 UTC 2001

Apparently, there's a song of Boston slang on They Might Be Giants' new
album (_Mink Car_).  I haven't heard the song yet, but here's what their
website says about it:

14. Wicked Little Critta

Incorporating half the vocabulary of our childhoods in the suburbs of
Boston, this lyric may jar the memories of many New
Englanders. Remixed by the Elegant Too, the track celebrates the enchanting
"old school" sound of the mid-1980's inner
city even as it invokes the "older school" of Eastern Massachusettes in the
early 1970s. If you get the feeling you've heard
this song before then this song is dedicated to you.

In case you're interested...

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