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<< There is a neighborhood in the Bronx along Arthur Avenue that is an Italian

enclave, home to Italian markets, delis, and restaurants.  It is well known

in the city and is talked about in guide books as a place to visit for

things Italian, which it certainly is.  I had a lunch at a place there that

has no written menu and no listed prices.  One arrives, sits at a bench-type

table next to strangers, and hears from the waiter what is available that

day.  They will also make classic dishes to order if they have the

ingredients.  The food is quite good, home-style, and inexpensive by any

standard.  When you're done, the waiter tells you what you owe, and you

pay -- cash only.

Frank Abate >>

The official name of this neighborhood is Belmont. It was the home of the
early doo-wop group, Dion and the Belmonts. It is also known as "Little Italy
of the Bronx."

Steve Boatti

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