Turkeyburgers (1947); Supergirl; Live Dangerously

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   From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 6 November 1947, pg. 22, col. 1:

_Boneless Turkey Steaks Here_
_In Choice of Light or Dark_
_Connecituct Couple Also Makes Turkeyburgers_
_From Drumsticks and a Canned Soup of_
_Carcass Meat--Nothing Left for Hash_
   By Clementine Paddleford
   Turkey steaks come to town.  The idea of steaking turkey was introduced in Missouri in 1937.  But nothing much came of this until two years ago when Texas got busy ballyhooing the novelty.  Now the idea moves east.  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carroll, turkey growers, of Cheshire, Conn., are introducing turkey steaks for New Yorkers.  They offer the four-ounce boneless, frozen steaks packaged in pairs, these selling for 79 cents at United Farms, 70 University Place, and London Terrace Food Market, Twenty-fourth Street and Ninth Avenue.  The Food Fare, 35 West Eighth Street, will have steaks by the week end.  And that isn't all!  There are turkeyburgers, too, called turkey delight. (...)


   The title of a profile in THIS WEEK, NYHT, 5 October 1947, pg. 34, col. 2.
   She's Esther Williams.


   From the NYHT, 8 November 1947, pg. 12, col. 2:

_Lord Mottistone, the Gen. Seely_
_Of Live Dangerously Fame, Dies_
   LONDON, Nov. 7 (CP).--Lord Mottistone, seventy-nine, soldier, author and statesman whose motto was "live dangerously," died of bronchitis today at his London home.

(At Grand Central Terminal, the Lexington Avenue side, is a Citi advertisement.  "Live Richly" is the motto.  "Being filthy rich is so 1999," it says.  I can't believe it's still up--ed.)

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