Cuban accent: help wanted

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Tue Sep 25 23:52:17 UTC 2001

The most recnet phonetically sophisticated work on Cuban Spanish has
been carried out Gabriela Alafaraz, in part as a result of her
LInguistics PhD dissertation at Michigan State. You can get in touch
with her at alfarazg at


>Here's a request for help:
>>>I'm working on the play "Landscape of the Body" by John Guare and I was
>wondering if you have or could point me in the direction of any published
>material on the Cuban Accent. I'm coaching the show and have found many
>sources for Spanish and Mexican but am having difficulty finding Cuban. I'm
>looking for as much detailed info as possible, especially phonetic analysis.<<
>I'm stumped. If you have a suggestion, please address
>mmorgan at
>Michael Morgan
>Lecturer University of California @Santa Barbara
>as well as ADS-L. Thanks! - Allan Metcalf

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