Query: 1913 "nickel"

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Subject: Query: 1913 "nickel"

>    Would anyone have any idea of the meaning of "nickel" in the quote
> below? I draw a complete blank.
>      The quote appears in the newspaper _San Francisco Bulletin_, Feb.
> 26, 1913, p.16/2; "Baseball Talk Heard in Sundry Leagues":
> "Clark Griffith wants the lid lifted on sideline comedy in baseball.
> Ban Johnson contends that nickel should provide an outlet for surplus
> comedians such as those of the Washington club."

Given the traditional association of "nickel" with "5", and assuming that
Ban Johnson was local to San Francisco, it could be a locally famous
burlesque house or vaudeville theatre on Fifth street, or with an address of
5 whatever street, though this item may predate that use of nickel.

Alternatively, it could be a suggestion in jest that a known impresario with
name of maybe Nickel, Nickell, or Nichol give those ball playing clowns
their own venue.


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