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> Hmmm. "Near miss" also has very precise meaning in the way I use it
>  (having no artillery experience); two airplanes (usually, although I
>  admit other vehicles to the construction) come dangerously close but
>  do not hit, and there is no damage. I think that's pretty precise, as
>  ordinary language goes.

>From the 1993 edition (only one I have) of the AIrman's Information Manual,
page 276, section 7-83 "NEAR MIDAIR COLLISION REPORTING"

"b.  Definition---A near midair collision is defined as an incident
associated with the operation of an aircraft in which a possibility of
collision occurs as a result of proximity of less than 500 feet to another
aircraft, or a report is received from a pilot or a flight crew member
stating that a collision hazard existed between two or more aircraft."

Undoubtedly "near miss" is frequently used as a short-hand term for "Near
Mid-Air Collision."

Instead of your phrase "dangerously close",  AIM 7-83b above is more
specific: "possibility of collision" or (referring to a flight crew member's
opinion) a "collision hazard".

Your phrase "there is no damage" is overly optimistic.  Among the "Items To
Be Reported" in section 7-83e is "10.  Injuries, if any."  There is no
requirement to report damage, if any, to either aircraft, but I imagine that
if any damage occurs, it will get reported.  (Yes, it is possible for an
airplane to sustain damage as the result of an evasive maneuver.)

Also, 7-83 ends with the ominous words "When the investigation reveals a
violation of an FAA regulation, enforcement action will be pursued."

I once saw the transcript of the radio communications during such an
incident.  Both pilots requested the tower to provide them with the phone
number for reporting the incident.

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