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Steve Kl. stevekl at PANIX.COM
Fri Sep 28 18:46:35 UTC 2001

On Thu, 27 Sep 2001, Barnhart wrote:

> This thread is very interesting.  However, we seem to have drifted some
> distance from the original thought.  How should each of us raise the
> visibility of ADS?

When I was a grad student in linguistics, everyone seemed to be familiar
with the LSA (especially since that's where a lot of departments held

Since the ADS meets concurrently with the LSA, I think most effective and
most inexpensive way of doing this would be to engineer some method of
upping our name-recognition at LSA.

This isn't as easy as it sounds, as people going to the LSA divide off
into phonologyland or semanticsville, etc., but perhaps the idea of having
a few papers that are joint LSA-ADS, if that's at all possible, would
work. Or, even better, if someone from the ADS were to present a paper
at the LSA about the ADS, that would be a good thing.

Most importantly, I would the think the ADS needs to, in one cogent
paragraph, comapre and contrast it's raisin d'etre with that of the LSA.
For many people in the LSA, they may not understand why they would be
welcome at the ADS as well.

-- Steve Kl.

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