Minneapolis weather forecast, New York City area accent

Tom Kysilko pds at VISI.COM
Sat Apr 13 17:57:07 UTC 2002

Dan Goodman had me going. I had assumed that he was referring to
763-512-1111, whose voices don't sound the least New York-ish to me. Dan's
is at 763-586-7000-X1234.

In the 512-1111 recording the woman, wherever she's from, speaks in a
well-enunciated broadcast manner.  But when she comes to "temperature", she
gives a nicely enunciated "tem - pe - cher".  Now I suppose that everyone
elides *something* from this word in casual speech.  I believe I say
"tempritcher", for example.  But I find it jarring that she so carefully
shows us just what she's eliding.

At 11:27 PM 4/12/2002 -0500, Dan Goodman wrote:
>Qwest's Minneapolis Yellow Pages has a number for information on --
>among other things -- Minneapolis's current and predicted weather.
>The voice which gives this information doesn't speak Network Standard
>or any other "accentless" variety of American English.  It's a
>woman's voice speaking the New York Metropolitan dialect -- in a way
>which I can't recall hearing from anyone who grew up after the

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