Annual Banished Word List

Grant Barrett vze36g5m at VERIZON.NET
Wed Jan 2 00:49:47 UTC 2002

The press release is available here:

Somebody on another site had this to say about the list:

This list was thought up by the late Bill Rabe, who was the long-time head
of publicity for Lake Superior State, which is a tiny college (3000
students) in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Rabe was a favorite of columnists
and editors around Michigan, because he could always be counted on for a
wacky and humorous quote about some issue of the day. Most of these had
nothing to do with Lake Superior State, but when they were printed, they
always said "Bill Rabe from Lake Superior State at the Soo says..." He
probably did more for LSS's name recognition than every other person
associated with it, including the hockey program, did put together. So while
the Banished Words List and the Unicorn Hunters are legendary in the annals
of PR, they shouldn't be confused with anything worth serious "pondering."

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