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   "Christmas Special: The triumph of English" is in THE ECONOMIST, December 22, 2001-January 4, 2001, pages 65-67.  Not much new here.  From pg. 66, col. 2:

   On the whole the Brits do not complain.  Some may regret...the arrival of "hopefully" at the start of every sentence....

(See Fred Shapiro's "hopefully" article in AMERICAN SPEECH...The "Tango" is on the cover, and the origin of "tango" is discussed.  Maybe I should write in and tell THE ECONOMIST about the Making of America database (Cornell)--ed.)


   From DELTA SKY magazine, December 2001, interview with Neal Friedman of Fisher-Price, pg. 28, col. 3:

_What about other trends?_
There are two areas--learning and (Pg. 30, col. 1--ed.) "precool."  Those are two major trends in the industry right now.  We call precool things like the scooter a preschooler sees everyone riding.  We've done what we call the Roll 2 Pro Scooter--it has training wheels on it so that a younger child can emulate the older child safely.  We've done that with skates.  We've put together a precool section that the retailers have been very positive about for these aspirational (Col. 2--ed.) toys that a preschooler would love to do and (that) allow them to do it safely.

("Precool" is useful for our youngest ADS members.  Might as well help them on slang and jargon, too--ed.)

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