Lake Effect Snow

Mark Odegard markodegard at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jan 3 05:48:29 UTC 2002

Barry writes:
>    There's a diagram explaining "lake-effect" snow on  It's not
>in OED, but there are many web hits.
>    Unless an OED editor lives in Buffalo, it won't make the OED for
>another 12 years, I guess.

Oh, yes, Barry. This is a collocation that needs to be formally lexically

A great lake is warmer than the land adjoining it, apparently even when it
has some ice across it, but certainly in terms of the 'first freeze'. Once
the air moves from over the lake to over the land, it loses its moisture,
and generates vast, near-instantaneous quantities of snow (as with Buffalo's
current six meters).

And how's that for considered capitalization? A great lake. I wonder what
cold air masses coming down from the Caucasus and onto the Caspian do in

Umm. Is the term 'phase transition'?

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